Milling Services

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Milling is done with a low kerf bandsaw mill. Max width is 30 inches, max depth is 7 inches (Note: At max depth, the max width decreases to 28 inches due to the taper of the mill cavity).

Board feet per hour [bfph]

If wood is arranged properly with adequate mill/vehicle access, and a proper stacking area is provided, wood can be milled at an excess of 100 board feet per hour [bfph]. This is an average based on experience and varies depending on log size. Some factors to consider when trying to estimate how long the job will take:

  1. Bfph will be higher for logs between 12-16 inches, because the are easy to manage.

  2. Large logs can significantly decrease bfph due to the difficulty of loading and managing the log while milling.

  3. Custom cuts like rift/quarter sawing can decrease bfph.

  4. Thicker lumber (e.g. 2x and 4x) increases bfph because less cuts are made (board feet is a unit of volume, so 10 2x4s is the same board feet as 1 20x4, but requires an additional 10 cuts).

  5. Cutting live edge slabs greatly increases bfph because the log does not need to be rotated and milled square.

estimating your yield

When trying to calculate the board feet you will get out of a log, measure the diameter [D] in inches of the smaller end, and the length [L] of the log. The largest square that can fit in the diameter of your log will have a side of length S = D/sqrt(2), but due to width inconsistencies the square you may actually get can be as small as S' = D/2. To calculate the board feet you can expect from a log, follow this equation:

BF = S*S*L/144

Therefore, the minimum you can expect is (D/2)*(D/2)*L/144, and the maximum you will get is (D/sqrt(2))*(D/sqrt(2))*L/144. You can slightly increase your yield if you increase the size of your square, however the lumber harvested along the length of cut at the corners of the square will be rounded.

Note: This assumes the log will be plain sawn. You may increase your yields with other methods, but this may affect pricing.


All logs must be accessible by vehicle traffic. Logs can be arranged for milling but will need to be accessible by the vehicles used to drag/transport the logs. Dragging logs can create grooves in the turf, so if special consideration is required, please email us at so we can help.

milling area

The milling area should be at least 30x20 feet and accessible from both ends by vehicle. The area must also be reasonably level. A slight grade can be compensated, but steep slopes are not accessible. Wood stacking can be provided for an additional charge (see below). For questions regarding your milling area, please send dimensions and/or a picture to info so we can help.

Fee structure

Below is a breakdown of the costs associated with milling services offered by PNW Unlimited. Please know that we want you to be happy with the job we do, but we also require adequate compensation for our time and resources. Feel free to contact us at for any questions or concerns regarding the fee structure. We're happy to help.

flat rate fees

Below are the flat rate fees associated with all milling work.

Trip/Setup Charge

A daily trip charge & setup fee of 40$ covers milling fuel/fluids, blade fee, equipment setup, and trip charge for up to 25 miles of Issaquah, WA. An additional fee of $0.35/mile will be added for additional travel.

Wood Stacking

Wood will be stacked no more than 25 feet from where the milling is to take place, or else additional wood stacking fees may apply. Wood stickers are not provided, but will be used per your instructions if provided.

Wood Hauling

If it is necessary to move the logs to an area that is accessible by the mill, a log hauling fee may be applied.

Note: this fee is not applicable with the hourly rate.

Blade Damage

A blade fee of $35 will be charged for any blade damaged by metal/foreign objects in the log (e.g. nails, screws, bullets, etc.).

Cut Fee

10 cuts are included per log. Each additional cut beyond that will incur a 1$ cut fee. If the log is initially cut into a cant, generating the cant comprises 4 cuts, regardless of how many cuts it actually takes.

Note: This charge is not applicable with the hourly rate.

Adjustable fees

There are many ways you can exchange for milling services. Below are the most common examples:


You can purchase milled lumber by the board foot. Payments can be made using cash, paypal, venmo, zelle, or cryptocurrency.

Current prices are laid out below. Prices are negotiable for large quantities/multi-day jobs.

  • Cedar: $2.00/board foot

  • Maple: $2.10/board foot

  • Fir: $2.10/board foot

  • Hemlock: 2.00/board foot

  • Alder: 2.00/board foot

  • Cherry: 2.10/board foot

Email for info on any species not listed here, for price breaks on large jobs, or if the prices here are not in line with the current market price.

Wood Exchange

Milled wood can be split 50/50 as payment for milling services. Unmilled logs may also be traded for milling services for 65/35 split.

Email to discuss in kind exchange for milling services.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate is $65/hr.

Hourly rate begins when the miller arrives to the work site, and ends after the last board is stacked.

Goods and Services

Milling services can be exchanged for goods and services.

Email to propose an exchange for milling services.


Wood can be sold to PNW Unlimited for starting at $0.50 per board foot.

A 6 month buyback option can be purchased for 2.5% of the wood cost. This option allows at least 80% (Up to 20% of the wood may be used to build wood storage; This wood cannot be returned) of the wood to be bought back at the original contract price. The customer must also reimburse the $0.50 per board foot that PNW Unlimited paid at the time the option was purchased.

Additional Considerations

If payment cannot be made at the end of the milling period, 50% of the wood will be taken and held as collateral. Customer has 48 hours to declare how payment may be made, or collateral may be forfeit.

Note: If the customer chooses to buy back the collateral, a delivery fee may be charged.


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